American Toddler & Indian Parents -2

“Finish you dinner, sweety”

{No response}

“Finsh your dinner, Aayush”

{No response}

“Fin-ish your Dinner, AA-yush”

{Awarded with bland look}

“Finish your dinner or else..”

{Bland look, again}

“Finish your dinner or else I will take you to doctor for more shots”

{huh! you are getting desperate , mom}

“Finsh your Dinner and I will put your favorite DVD on”

{I am not falling for that}

“Finish your dinner and I will read you as many books as you want”

{you are going to do that, anyway}

“If you finish your dinner, you can have the medicine that will stop your ear-ache”

empty plate in a few minutes..

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