Methi Matar Paratha(Fenugreek Leaves and Peas Paratha)



I love the combination of methi(fenugreek leaves) and matar(Peas). The bitterness of the methi is beautifully complemented by the sweetness of the matar. I am a sucker for any recipe that includes both the ingredients and I have found that it is loved by everyone else too.

Methi Matar Paratha.

I dont have measurements for this recipe. I just eyeball everything. I have , however, tried to give approximate quantities. Use fresh methi Leaves for this one and add a pinch of Kasuri Methi for that aromatic punch. I dont add any masalas in this recipe since I make it for breakfast and I am not a great fan of too much spice early in the morn. Best of Luck!

Matar 1 cup
Dhania Couple of Sprigs
Ginger 1″ Piece
Garlic 1 Pod
Green Chillies 3-4

Methi Leaves Washed and Chopped finely.
Oil 3 tbsp
Wheat Flour About 2 cups
Salt, Sugar to taste

Grind Matar, Dhania, Ginger, Garlic, Green Chillies till the blend together. Transfer to a vessel. Add chopped Methi Leaves, Sugar, Salt,Oil and mix together. Knead in the Flour. Use water if required. However, dont add too much as the methi leaves already have a lot of moisture. Roll into parathas and cook both sides on a hot tava. Make parathas immediately.

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