‘Us’ and ‘Them’

I am an Indian. I am not ‘them’. As can be logically deduced by this statement, my expectations rest with the Indian people’s representatives and not so much with ‘them’ or ‘theirs’.

Now I know this is complicated if you are not used to logical thinking. It is not your fault. Religion and Nationalism/Patriotism do not ask any more of you than your blind zeal and belief. For the rest of us non-believers and anti-nationals, in the absence of that blind faith, is a need to use our brains.

So what happens is, we logically deduce –, as tax-paying, voting public of our nation — we have a say in how we want our country to shape up. One can almost say that it is a right that is democratically and constitutionally granted to us. So our dreams and visions for the country are as valid as your blind nationalism is. Make Sense?

As much as you all dream of an India jo danke ki chot par jawab dega , some of us dream of an India that will finally see the end of these recurring issues and move on into the new millennium free of the past shadows. Some of us are very aware that the reason that these recurring issues do not go away has nothing to do with ‘Them’ but everything to do with the political mileage they can bring to rule over ‘Us’. Still with me? Good.

I am with you as well. I love my country–warts and all. I completely agree. Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani. I Love My India. Bharat Mata ki Jai.

Jis Des Main Ganga Behti Hai  (and a multitude of other rivers as well but they don’t purify the soul, so tough luck).

But, but…. part of service to the nation is surely to work on the warts, would you agree? Surely you see that the good ‘ol chand main bhi daag hai thing is just not holding up.

So..here’s a wart. ‘Them’ are our neighbors. ‘Us’ people live along the borders. So yes..#IndiaStrikesBack and all. But when the dust settles, ‘Them’ will still be there. On the other side of the border. Right along side the ‘Us’ people that live on our side of the border. For every time we go into war with ‘Them’, the aftermath will always be …’Now how do we find a way to live with ‘Them’ so that the ‘Us’ people can go on with their lives.

All wars will end with finding ways to co-exist irrespective of who wins. Separating into Pakistan did not take away from ‘Them’ the need to learn to co-exist with ‘Us’. Winning two wars did not take away the need from ‘Us’ to learn to co-exist with ‘Them’.

When logically it has to end in learning to co-exist, one would think that the only idiots in all this are the so called home-grown separatists groups who will not learn from the partition. That it gained nothing. The same problems continue 70 yrs on. What wasn’t solved by breaking into 2 countries cannot be solved by creating more countries.

But turns out that the Indian and Pakistani powers-that-be are still completely committed to continue to be the biggest idiots on the subcontinent. What can and should be resolved with a mutual agreement that would allow both nations to flourish and make their marks globally continue to derailed by terrorist acts by separatists. Every. Single. Time.

The new-age millennial is the most influential political voting bloc. For all the noise that the zealots can create on the ground and on the Social media, the fact remains that if peace is truly sought, using this voter bloc to gain the needed traction could finally see this thing finally laid to rest. If Only.

So, do me a favor. Shut up.

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