Desi Adulting

There is no fighting self-righteousness, you know. There is nothing worse than middle aged people believing they are right and on the side of truth. At this point, there is no talking to them. There is just putting them on a pedestal.

Dosa…A Love Story.

He beckons me as I sit sipping my morning coffee watching the world go by from the kitchen window……

Basic Onion-Tomato Gravy 101

You know the feeling. It’s raining, lets deep fry something with hot chai or its cold, I want something robust that would fill me up and keep me warm.

To Roast a Chicken…

…. Nope, not gonna see me wring a chicken’s neck and pluck its feathers, no siree. I have to hop in my heated seats, power doors, gas-guzzling much-bigger-than-I-actually-need sports utility vehicle, pick me up some nice, already dead, de-necked, de-feathered

Gender Identity : The X and Y Factor…

If, by some miracle, despite all that, I end up successfully raising them gender-impartial, wouldn’t I, as a parent, still have made the greatest disservice of all to them, by not letting them be who they really are? Him, a boy and her, a girl.